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Worn-out tyres are dangerous

A scary 50% of Australian drivers don’t know when their tyres are unsafe. When you jump into your car next you can use these two ways to check the tread left in your tyres:


A critical part of your tyre is the tread, which gives you the traction to stop and hold the road on curves. Tyre tread also funnels water out from under the tyre, which helps to reduce ‘hydroplaning’, where a car actually rides up on a layer of water and becomes dangerously difficult to steer or stop. Well-worn or bald tyres can result in hydroplaning, loss of traction and are more likely to be damaged by potholes and other road hazards.

Worn tyres also take longer to stop. Tests carried out by independent experts at the Motor Industry Research Association in the United Kingdom demonstrate that reduced tread depths dramatically increase a vehicle’s wet braking distance.



Although, 1.6mm of tread depth is the legal limit in Australia, tread depths below 3mm take considerably longer distances to brake, putting your safety at risk.


Measuring tread depth

Most tyres sold in Australia contain ‘wear bars’ in the grooves of the tyre tread which show up when they need to be replaced. At this stage, your tyres must be replaced immediately.

You can also use a tread depth indicator, or ask your tyre retailer to do a tyre inspection for you.



Tyres with the latest technology feature Wear Square Visual IndicatorsTM on the tread to give you an easy, visual way that change as your tyres wear, making it easy to determine the tread life remaining, giving you confidence and safety you can see, and also enough time to plan your tyre replacement well ahead.

Find a tyre with the latest tyre technology for your vehicle.

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