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Tyre Pressure Guide

A guide to tyre pressure, including how to check tyre pressure, why tyre pressure matters. LEARN MORE

Tyre Glossary

We explain the different types of tyres and the difference between them. LEARN MORE

Tyre Rotation

Learn about different tyre rotation techniques and how often you should rotate. LEARN MORE

Tyre Load Index and Speed Rating

Find out what tyre load and speed rating are and why they're important. LEARN MORE

UTQG Rating

UTQG is a rating system for tyre tread wear. Find out more. LEARN MORE


We've listed the answers to some our most frequently asked questions. LEARN MORE
The Latest Technology in Tyres | Cooper Tires


Tyre Technology

Not all tyres are the same. Find out how Cooper’s latest tyre technology makes a massive difference to performance and value for money.

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