Wheeling Abroad Namibia: Preparation

So, now that the initial shock/realisation has settled in, the task of thinking about the trip begins.

A bit of research is needed into where we are actually going? That is Namibia, Africa.

It’s a different part of the world with different customs, culture, food, animals, insects, money, access to everyday items, clothing, weather… So much to think about!

Then there’s is the Camping, I’ll be in someone else’s Car & Camping gear!

OK, I’ve committed to this, so the 1st thing is a trip to the doctor to see what shots I need.


I need Typhoid, Hep A&B, Rabies as well as Tetanus, Polio & A Flu Shot – 10 Needles in all, then there is the Malaria Tablets as well. So, after getting these over the next month and forking out $1000… I am apparently covered for most things I can get while travelling.

Now for the travel arrangements, initial online enquiries show me I could go via Perth to Johannesburg then onto Windhoek, alternatively, and here’s a good one – Sydney, Singapore, Frankfurt, Johannesburg & Windhoek  – 34 hours of flying time. So I decide to call the travel agent, he said “why not direct from Sydney – Johannesburg, 13 hours then overnight in Joburg & onto Windhoek the next morning?” Then he said “I’ll book you now as there are only 2 seats left” – Done!

Travel insurance was next. I went straight to the Travel Agent to get this organised.

Note, we will be travelling in some very remote areas where access to good medical care is virtually non-existent so it is imperative to get cover that will transport you wherever you need to go, if this means back to Australia – you need to be covered. Done!

Reading up on the destination is the next thing so I started with The Lonely Planet Book and another on the animals that are there. I followed up with a Geology Book as Namibia is a masterpiece in this area.

Clothing is the next thing as the temperatures vary from 40 degrees in the Desert to 5 degrees on the coast and apparently, the wind is relentless so I will need to cover all seasons. I’ve been told not to take too much as space in the cars is minimal and washing (by hand!) is the way to go.

General Accessories including medication, 1st aid supplies, sunscreen, water purification gear,

camera, etc, you know, all the usual travel stuff we think we need…

The more daunting step of all: need to figure out how to pack it all?

Catch you next week with my ‘Getting There’ update.

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