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What makes a good caravan park?

If you’ve already decided on the areas that you would like to explore with your caravan in tow, all that’s left to do is find a good caravan park to set up camp. When looking at what makes a good caravan park it essentially comes down to whether or not a park fits your requirements.

Caravan park expert Kirk Gibbons, has put together the following list of criteria to take note of when choosing which caravan park is suited to your needs.

If you have kids:

    • Pool

    • Playground

    • Beach

    • Room to play

If you have pets:

    • Ensure the park is pet friendly

    • Remember to clean up after your pet

If you have a large van:

    • Larger caravan sites

    • Mention the size of your caravan when you book

Things to look for in general:

    • For privacy, ensuite facilities

    • Location close to shops, the beach and places of interest

    • Well-presented and clean toilet and shower blocks

    • Friendly staff

    • Consider whether you require power or have solar panels that you can utilise

    • For shaded sites, make sure that you check the area to ensure that no branches are at risk of falling

    • Consider the popularity of the area you choose to set up camp and whether a more secluded, less popular area may be better suited to your needs.

It’s always great to stay in parks that are in good old country towns with history and old-world charm.

Watch for drive-through sites, a kiosk, and friendly staff.

Once you’ve decided on a caravan park, you’ll need to consider what sort of site you want.

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