Grip and Mileage

Tyre Compound Technology

Long gone are the days where you had to compromise grip for mileage. Cooper’s advancements in tyre technology now allow you to have a tyre with a high traction rating and an 80,000km mileage warranty.

Since the introduction of pneumatic tyres, engineers lived by a simple and immutable law:

  • soft tyre compounds wear faster and have high rolling resistance, but offer MORE grip, while,
  • harder tyre compounds wear slower and have lower rolling resistance but offer LESS grip.


When tyre engineers began using this miraculous ingredient, silica, as a filler material, they came to understand that the silica-enhanced compounds lowered rolling resistance, and even ENHANCED grip!

By now you may be wondering, how’s this possible? Well, it all comes down to the materials used to build the tyre or its compound. The compound is the mix of ingredients that determine a tyre’s grip and wear characteristics. It’s like each tyre has its own magic recipe, getting this formula right is something of an art.

Think about it like this: plastic comes from the same basic ingredients as tyres, and we all know the quality of plastics differs greatly. They may look the same, but they certainly are not. Some are brittle while others are strong and flexible. It’s the same with tyres.

Compound - Tyre Technology | Cooper Tires

What are Compounds and How Do They Work?

Cooper Tires use up to 4 times more silica than any other leading brand throughout its range. Although the content of silica is essential, the real magic lies on how they ingredients are mixed. Many other brands claim to use silica, but if it’s not advanced chemically-coupled silica, these miraculous benefits are not delivered.

Compound, Advanced Silica Compound - Tyre Technology | Cooper Tires

Advanced chemically-coupled silica is a precise formula and a latest generation process. This gives you extra grip, lowered rolling resistance and safeguards against cutting, chipping, and tearing while maximising longevity.

Together, these new technologies have caused a revolution in tyre engineering providing reduced fuel consumption and decreased wear to an extent that would have been thought not only completely impossible but utter fantasy just a decade ago!

Cooper tyres display the latest advancements across both areas. It’s all thanks to Cooper’s high silica compound that allows the rubber to retain its shape and be cut to precision.

So, when you’re ready for new tyres, check the facts and take a closer look at Cooper’s latest tyre technology.

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