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Not all tyres are the same – they look similar, but there is massive difference in technology and that matters. Your tyres are the single most important safety feature on your vehicle. So, take a closer look and see what difference the latest generation in tyre technology makes to safety, stability, strength, performance and value for money. You can work out whether a tyre has the latest generation of tyre technology by looking at just three things…


The design and depth of the tread


The way the tyre is built


The materials used to build it

Tread - Tyre Technology | Cooper Tires

Depth and Design


Like shoes, your tyres must suit the places you want to go. You wouldn’t wear hiking boots to the office or high heels to the beach. A tyre’s tread pattern works in the same way, so it makes sense to understand whether it suits the way you drive, the places you go and the value you’re looking for. Let’s take a closer look at the features of tread design that represent the latest generation in tyre technology.

Tread, Stabiledge Technology - SUV/Car Tyre Technology | Cooper Tires


Stabiledge Technology

Stabiledge Technology keeps the tread open under the pressure of driving for maximum traction. This gives you excellent stability, better handling and a more ‘on-centre’ feel.

Tread, Micro-Gauge Siping - UV/Car Tyre Technology | Cooper Tires


3D Micro-Gauge Siping

Specially designed 3D Micro-Gauge Sipes allow the tread blocks to interlock for maximum stability. This gives you increased traction, handling and safety, even at half worn.

Tread, Wear Square Indicators - SUV/Car Tyre Technology | Cooper Tires


Wear Square Indicators

Indicators change as your tyres wear, making it easy to determine the tread life remaining. This gives you convenience, confidence and safety you can see.

Tread, Treadwear & Traction Rating - SUV/Car Tyre Technology | Cooper Tires


High Treadwear and Traction Ratings

Higher Treadwear and Traction Ratings give you up to 2.8 times the mileage and more grip in the wet with shorter stopping distances, compared to other leading brands.

Carcass - Tyre Technology | Cooper Tires

The way the tyres are built


A tyre’s carcass is like a house’s foundation. You need a strong foundation for the construction that goes on top. It’s the same with tyres. You might be surprised to learn that while tread is critical, it’s the carcass that accounts for up to 70% of a tyre’s performance. It’s the strength of the carcass that keeps the tyre firmly on the road and running balanced and true. What represents the latest generation carcass construction?

Carcass, R-Tech Engineering - SUV/Car Tyre Technology | Cooper Tires


R-Tech Engineering

For improved handling and a smoother ride needed for your high riding SUV. R-Tech Engineering is broken down into two features:

  • Variable Density Nylon; ensures a comfortable ride
  • Extended bead filler; reinforces the sidewall and improves lateral stability for safer handling, faster steering response and more control in an emergency (like sudden evasive lane changes).
Carcass, High-tensile Construction - Tyre Technology | Cooper Tires


High Tensile Construction

High tensile construction gives you maximum strength and more protection with a higher load capacity. High Tensile Cords give you 33% more strength than standard tensile cords. Super Tensile Steel Belts give you 15% more strength than high tensile steel belts.

Compound - Tyre Technology | Cooper Tires

The materials used


Plastics can differ greatly. While they may all look the same, some are brittle and break easily while others are strong and flexible. It’s the same with the quality of compound in the tyre. Cooper Tires have been developing leading compounds for over a century – coupled silica is the latest generation in compound.

Compound, Advanced Silica Compound - Tyre Technology | Cooper Tires


Advanced Silica Compound

Advanced silica compounds give you excellent wet traction and highway handling whilst lowering rolling resistance for more grip and fuel efficiency than other traditional tyres. Cooper Tires tread compound is uniquely-formulated with up to 4 times more silica than other premium leading brands.

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