The truth about grip and your tyres

Each Cooper tyre pattern is developed with specific features in order to achieve the ultimate performance. When looking at tyre technology, Cooper tyres are generations ahead of other leading brands especially when it comes to grip.

Cooper Tires tread compound is uniquely formulated with up to 4 times more silica than other premium leading brands. Silica changes the characteristics of the tread compound by slowing the rebound after the tyre is compressed under the weight of the vehicle. With a slower rebound you get less bounce back and less friction. This increases tyre-to-road contact for more traction, more mileage, less cut and chip and better grip – especially in the wet.

The high content of silica enables Cooper tyres to have 3D Micro GaugeTM Sipes. Many brands offer sipes, but only Cooper tyres have 3D sipes which are an innovative technology that allow the tread elements of the tyre to interlock. This reduces squirm and improves tread element stability, which increases handling. 3D sipes maintain increased traction and handling throughout the entire life of the tyre.

It is latest generation technology like this which allows Cooper Tires to stay at the forefront of tyre development. With Cooper tyres you get improved grip and handling. To learn more about Cooper Tires latest generation tyre technology, call our team of tyre experts on 1300 COOPER.

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