Replacing Original Equipment (OE) Tyres On Your Caravan

A lot of vanners asking me why I so highly recommend replacing the factory tyres that come with their tow vehicle and even their caravan. After all, you’ve just spent so much money on your new setup, so why should you ditch a perfectly good set of tyres?

The problem lies in the fact that Original Equipment (O.E.) tyres are designed much more to provide an ultra-quiet, comfortable ride to impress new vehicle buyers off the showroom floor, often at the expense of strength and longevity where we vanners need it most – on the country’s back roads and dirt tracks. And that’s before we put two or three tonnes of van on the back!

I’ve seen O.E. tyres ripped to shreds in as little as 20,000km! More than that, I’ve seen multiple flat tyres that have left vanners sitting stranded on the side of the road.

Original equipment tyres are often not designed for getting off the black top, corrugated rocky roads, slippery muddy tracks or sand and for these reasons alone aftermarket tyres are definitely worth considering.

My experience using Cooper Discoverer tyres over some one hundred DVDs of travel throughout Australia has proven to me the importance of not only getting to my destinations but also getting back safely.

When you upgrade to a set of aftermarket tyres like the Cooper Discoverers, you take a massive step up in terms of toughness and durability of your tyre, without compromising on-road handling or comfort.

I’ve driven with original equipment tyres and then changed to Cooper Tires and noticed the difference almost immediately.

If you’re looking for ultimate reliability resistance to punctures, superior traction and braking on all road surfaces and especially when towing a caravan it pays to get the best tyres available.

You’ll also benefit from greater mileage and value for money from tyres that have been proven in all Australian conditions.

As an example for more than seven years I’ve chosen Cooper Tires and I’ve never had a puncture or tyre failure, no out of balance problems and exceptional mileage.

I can only recommend you considering replacing original equipment tyres from the get go and experience the superior value and peace of mind Cooper Tires will offer you.

What’s more, there is often a fairly substantial financial reason to replace your factory tyres early on. Plenty of vehicle owners will never want their new 4WD to do what we ask of ours, so will be perfectly content with factory tyres. In some cases I’ve spoken to vanners who have told me they sold their brand new set of factory tyres for up to $500 when they replaced them with quality aftermarket tyres! That’s a lot of money in the touring coffers, but if you wait until your factory tyres are worn or damaged you won’t have that option.

It’s much more than a financial decision though. What price could you put on safety, and on the ability to make it to camp without risking a puncture as soon as you turn off the highway?

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