Pat Callinan’s Top 5 Accessories

There are countless accessories available on the market today for your 4WD. So how do you know which ones are the most important? Why not take some advice from Pat Callinan, Mr 4×4… these are his top 5 must have accessories.

1. Shovel – a shovel is one of the most important tools when it comes to 4WDing, especially if you do a lot of sand driving. Ideally a long handled shovel is best so that you can reach under the vehicle. Even by removing a little bit of sand/mud/dirt from underneath your vehicle will make recovery much easier.

2. Snatch Strap – a snatch strap is a great piece of gear to have when 4WDing, as they are one of the fastest and safest methods of getting a 4WD unstuck. In order to increase the life of your snatch strap it is important that you ensure that they are kept dry and clean and give them a good once over before heading out on the tracks.

3. Tyre Gauge and Deflator – a tyre gauge and deflator is definitely one of the most important items to have when out 4WDing. Running the right pressure in your tyres can prevent a recovery in the first place and a deflator can be used to lower pressures to give that extra bit of help when struggling to get unstuck.

4. Suspension Lift – the extra clearance from a suspension lift will give you freedom and security when out exploring our amazing tracks. With the increased clearance you will also be able to fit bigger tyres, which will help to improve your off-road ability by providing more clearance under your diffs and more grip to the ground.

5. Bull Bar – a bull bar is a great accessory that will not only protect both your vehicle and passengers from animal strike, but also provides a great mounting point for antennas, spotties, light bars and the likes.

No matter what accessories you decide to put on your 4WD make sure that you do your research to ensure that you select an accessory that is going to meet your 4WDing needs.

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