Introducing the Ultimate Choice in SUV Tyres

Cooper Tires has gained a reputation for quality by staying one step ahead when it comes to tyre technology and innovation, and the new CS5 does not disappoint. Combining years of research with breakthrough technology in one outstanding product, the CS5 has been tested over 1.7 million kilometres in development and it’s proven itself to be the SUV driver’s ultimate choice for every adventure.

Take the guesswork out of wear-checking

There’s nothing more hazardous on your vehicle than worn-out tyres, but it’s not always easy to see at a glance how much more life your tyres have. The CS5’s unique, trademarked Wear Square Visual Indicator is built into the tyre’s tread and gives you an easy, intuitive way to work out when your tyres need replacement: convenience, confidence and safety you can see.

Control in all conditions

Time to get technical! The CS5 is made with a new, second-generation coupled silica compound that contains up to four times more silica than other tyre brands. The addition of silica at the molecular level results in a tread compound that has better gripping power for superior braking and handling, lower rolling resistance and reduced heat generation during use. These traits result in a tyre that gives you the control you need in wet conditions without compromising dry-weather performance, plus improved fuel economy for your car.

Going from chemical to physical, Cooper Tires has also included 3D Micro Gauge™ Siping for more traction and stability. Micro gauge sipes interlock to lock tread elements together, stabilising the tread for maximum surface contact to give you a more stable ride and more sensitive steering.

It’s basic vehicle maintenance to get your tyres rotated so that all four (or five, if you have a spare) tyres wear evenly. However, some tyres are made in such a way that they can only be rotated to the front or back of your vehicle and these will not last as long as tyres that can be rotated to the left and right side too. The CS5’s unique asymmetrical tread is designed in a way that allows rotation to all four corners of your vehicle, ensuring these tyres have a long service life.

Long-life tyres so your dollars go further

With all the improvements and testing that has gone into the CS5 plus Cooper’s signature deep treads of up to 9.1mm, we’re perfectly happy to give these tyres a mileage guarantee of up to 80,000km. Mileage warranties differ depending on tyre size – click here to find the warranty for your size.

Put simply – you’ll get more tyre, more kilometres and more built-in safety for your money.

If you’ve got an adventure in mind and a vehicle that needs new tyres, call us on 1300 COOPER or email us to find the right set of Coopers for you. Be sure to view our full range of tyres that can take you further, on or off the road.

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