HSV selects Cooper’s Zeon LTZ Pro for its most-anticipated sports 4×4

Cooper Tires is proud to announce that its Cooper ZeonLTZPRO  tyre has been selected by HSV to complement its new HSV Colorado SportsCat. The all-new Colorado was unveiled today in two variants–SportsCat and SportsCat+ with both vehicles featuring Cooper’s  Zeon LTZPRO in a 285/60R18 configuration.

HSV set out to make its Colorado the “most stylish and advanced sports 4×4 pickup on the market”. Cooper is renowned for making tyres that incorporate the latest generation of tyre technology, crafting America’s most trusted 4×4 tyre.

Colorado SportsCat’s stylish alloys are wrapped in Cooper Zeon LTZPRO Sports All-Terrain tyres. These Cooper tyres are a hybrid between a sports-truck tyre and an all-terrain tyre and, in addition to their rugged off-road properties, were specially selected by HSV’s chassis engineers for their outstanding on-road performance characteristics, both on tarmac and dirt roads. The overall size of the tyres (285/60 R18), and their rolling radius, also delivers a 20mm increase in vehicle ride height.

Ride Height

SportsCat sits approximately 45mm higher (at the front) than the “donor” vehicle with ~20mm emanating from the adoption of the Cooper tyre package and a further 25mm as a consequence of the front-end having been lifted. This increased ride height assists ground clearance and aids the vehicle’s off-road competency.

The Cooper Zeon LTZPRO tyre is the end result of the same commitment to research and development that enables Cooper to deliver outstanding design, engineering and performance capabilities – exactly what HSV specified for the new HSV Colorado SportsCat”.

There are three things to look for when selecting a tyre – tread design (T), carcass construction (C) and the compounds (C) used to build it – T.C.C. The Cooper Zeon LTZPRO  represents the latest generation of tyre technology measured by T.C.C.


The Cooper LTZPRO registered tread design packs a range of features that makes the move from the tarmac to off-road a breeze while minimising road noise:

    • Robust biting saw tooth edges for harsh terrain and enhanced traction in soft dirt applications

    • Enhanced buttress sidewall design for better traction off-road and aggressive look

    • Offset scalloped shoulder lugs for all terrain traction

    • Centre tie bars for straight line directional stability

    • 5-rib tread design for tarmac performance and block stability

    • Dual “Z” shaped sipes for better traction on-road.


The Cooper LTZPRO features a hybrid construction between a sports truck tyre and an all-terrain tyre with stronger steel belts than those found in original equipment/passenger constructed tyres to give adventurers increased load carrying capacity and improved resistance to damage when off-road, without adding unnecessary weight that results in increased fuel consumption.


The Cooper LTZPRO uses advanced compounds formulated with high content of silica, giving drivers maximum wet traction, improved braking distances and better handling, key capabilities while negotiating all conditions and terrains, from off-road conditions to city traffic on a rainy day.

The Cooper Zeon LTZPRO has been developed for HSV and will be generally available from Authorised Cooper Tires Retailers in the second half of 2018. Stay tuned!

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