Cooper’s proven Armor-Tek3 carcass construction

Cooper’s proven leading technology; the 3ply Armor-Tek3 carcass construction is available in two different tread patterns to suit any application. Armor-Tek3 is not only available in the S/TMAXX  but is joined by the new super traction tyre, the STT PRO. These tyres are built for demanding off-road use to give you the confidence of having a tyre that is built to last, so that when you adventure off-road you know you have the toughest tyre on the market.

Cooper’s unique innovation Armor-Tek3 acts like a shield of armour for the sidewall of your tyres, which means the chances of sidewall damage is greatly reduced. This will give you peace of mind knowing your tyres are protected from the harsh conditions that Australia has to offer. Tested in Australia and America, these tyres have been developed to ensure they really work! The S/TMAXX completed more than 2 million kilometres of test track, road and laboratory testing to ensure that it is Cooper’s best ever heavy duty all-terrain tyre. While the STT PRO was put through its paces by Cooper Tires engineers across more than 1,000,000kms of testing throughout Australia’s harshest terrains, ensuring it delivers unprecedented traction and performance off-road without sacrificing its on-road capabilities.

Armor-Tek3 Carcass Construction Explained

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