Cooper’s latest generation tyres recognised with the 2015 Good Design Award

We are proud to announce that two of our recently-launched tyres, the SRX and STT PRO, have been recognised with the 2015 Good Design Award.

The Good Design Award winners are selected from several thousand entries from nearly 50 countries. The award is based on criteria including innovative design, new technologies, form, materials, construction, concept, function, utility, energy efficiency, and sensitivity to the environment.

Cooper Tires is a 100 year old business and their experience in delivering a range of quality products to the global tyre market is second to none.

This reflects their commitment to offer top quality tyres that are generations ahead of other competing brands.

Cooper Tires® SRX | Premium touring tyre


The SRX is part of the Cooper Tires SUV vehicle range which have one of the highest UTQG (Uniform Tyre Quality Grading) in Australia and these awards further enhances Cooper Tires position of delivering tyres that are generations ahead of other leading brands. The SRX blends advanced technology with innovative engineering to deliver a tyre that provides a long life tread with excellent ride comfort. The design ensures the tyre handles the wet better than its competition as it ‘sticks’ to the road a lot better while still being very quiet while driving. There’s also an 80,000km* warranty so it’s a great investment for families knowing their tyres are covered for three to four years.

An added bonus of the SRX is the innovative Cooper Tires ‘wear square’ a visual tread wear indicator that gives consumers a convenient way to gauge the amount of wear on the tread of the tyre.

There are markers on the inside and outside edges of the tyre’s tread in four separate locations and by simply looking at the ‘wear square’ indicator, drivers can gauge its wear and tear. Not only is this a great tool from a safety point of view, it can also help indicate when buyers need to start budgeting for new tyres as well as a wheel alignment or any other front end or mechanical issues.

Fitments are available for a wide range of SUVs.

Cooper Tires® STT PRO | Serious off-road tyre


The STT PRO caters for the serious off-road driver of vehicles such as the LandCruiser, Patrol and HiLux. We didn’t want to rely on what Cooper Tires USA told us about their products, we really wanted to test them ourselves under extreme Australian conditions so we could be authentic when we talked to Australian consumers about these tyres. Our team took the STT PRO to a number of remote locations including the Kimberly and Central Queensland and it’s clear that these tyres were designed for serious off roaders who love mud, gravel and rocks because there was a lot less chipping of the tyres as well as wear and tear and yet there was still a great level of comfort while driving. Put through its paces across more than 1,000,000kms of testing throughout Australia’s harshest terrains, the STT PRO delivers unprecedented traction and performance.

Cooper Tires products are continuing to receive very positive reviews, and this is further validation that the work Cooper has been doing to create innovative products that perform is being recognised.

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