Choosing The Right Tyre For Your Caravan

Selecting the right tyres for your caravan isn’t just a financial decision, it’s an important commitment to your safety on the road. When searching for the right tyre, you need to make sure that you’ve chosen the best tyre for your travel and towing needs, which is why you need to look at Cooper Tires.

I’ve towed caravans tens of thousands of kilometres over almost every terrain in Australia, so I know it pays to purchase the best quality tyre you can afford. Road surfaces vary from sand and rocks to mud and slippery slopes, which is why it pays to choose the tyre that best suits your needs – especially if you love getting off the beaten track to find those idyllic free camps.

So what do I look for in a tyre for my caravan? Simple – it’s got to be purposely made to carry loads, it should be light truck construction, and should be best suited to your style of touring.

Recently, I’ve been using Cooper Discoverer HT3 designed for 90% on road and 10% off road – I do a little more than 10% off road, but these tyres will hold up to that no problems. I was impressed by their load index and capacity to handle heavier weights, but that’s not all. Imagine following a mud map from a local in the outback and finding yourself on a muddy, slippery bush track. Although designed as a premium highway terrain tyre, they got me through. I shouldn’t be surprised though – they’re light truck construction means you have a stronger side wall, and the deep tread design will give you great traction.

I’ve also spent years and years towing with Cooper Discoverer AT3, which are an all-terrain tyre. They have proven themselves over every road surface in every state and territory in Australia. For heavy duty all terrain tyres, particularly over the Gibb River Road in the Kimberley, S/TMAXX tyres with their super strong side walls and aggressive treads would be my choice every time. Even locals who regularly drive rugged, rocky, outback tracks recommend them.

Cooper Discoverer tyres give you a wide range of options designed for caravans of varying weights that travel over all Australian terrains in all weathers. They are also tested extensively in Australian conditions, ranging from sub zero icy roads to extreme tropical temperatures well above 40°C.

If you’re seeking total reliability, excellent mileage and peace of mind when towing, it pays to buy Cooper Discoverer tyres.


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