“Amazing pieces of rubber!”

Since 1991, Cooper Tires have been tested and proven by drivers over countless kilometres around and across Australia.

We recently heard from Robert Wisbey of Corio, VIC and from the way he described our tyres as ‘amazing pieces of rubber’ we knew he was a fan!

Here’s what Robert had to say about his Coopers:

Hi Terry,

4 years ago I purchased 11 Cooper tyres to fit my 2003 TD Sahara Landcruiser and matching Caravan from North Geelong Tyre Centre. I have travelled over 76,000km to places like Kangaroo Island , Kings Canyon, Coober Pedy, Alice Springs, Port Douglas and Darwin just to name a few on hard bitumen tarmac, soft beach sand, bone-crunching Maree Rocks and flooded un-named muddy tracks. I have rotated these amazing pieces of rubber every 10,000km between the van and the cruiser including 3 spares into that equation.

I can honestly say the tyres still look brand new and I think I can get another 50,000 or 60,000km from these babies.

$3,500 invested and still giving me a good return; I could not be happier with their endurance comfort and long-wearing ability. You can be assured that when time comes there will be only one direction I will be heading.

Thanks, Robert.


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