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Ron Stroet

5 sets of Coopers and there’s never been a problem. I’d recommend them to anybody!

I’ve been 4WDing around Western Australia, some of the places included Broome, Cape Leveque, Cape Le Grande, Holland Track, Luigi Cappa Track, Goat Track-Kalgoorlie and many other great places. Occasionally towing a caravan when we’ve done longer trips, South Australia and Victoria. Because of where I drive and what I do, I always do a lot of research before I buy my next set of tyres, it’s a big investment. Safety, performance and wear are big things to look at when choosing a tyre. Every time I’ve needed to replace a set I’ve still ended up going with Cooper Tires.


These days I spend about 40% of my time off-road, so I decided it was time to look into getting all-terrains instead. I switched over from the more aggressive off-road tyres because I found I was spending too much on fuel. Fuel usage is important to me; it’s not just the cost factor, it’s also how far do you go in the bush, the ST but because of the larger profile and more aggressive tread I was using a bit more fuel.


I got my A/T3s fitted a month ago. I love ‘em! I’m finding them great, they’re a quieter tyre than the old off-road set I had and I actually had the original version of this pattern (the A/Ts) and got about 95,000km out of them, so looking forward to getting good mileage out of this set. I’ve taken them on one off-road trip so far up in the hills, it had been raining a lot so a lot of mud and water and happy to say I didn’t get stuck! They performed extremely well.


5 sets of Coopers and there’s never been a problem. I’d recommend them to anybody!

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