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Nigel Keane

They're good for long trips and don’t cut up on gravel

Cooper STT Pros are the best tyre choice for the biggest variety of trips and surfaces in the one tyre, around New Zealand. Forest work is a joy, they clear and grip well in mud, they have good lateral grip on the side slopes, and are quiet on the road.


They're good for long trips and don’t cut up on gravel, they grip dry and wet tarmac whether hot or cold, are fun on gravel roads, and wet rocks are dispatched with ease.

Cooper STT Pros can be run at modest pressures on-road providing comfort and even tyre wear across the tyre. At modest road pressures (I run 28 to 30 Psi) they have good handling and grip with even tyre wear. 

The tyres don’t tend to break the bead and I’ve noticed them bag out quite nicely running 12psi giving advantage on soft sand hill climbs. A great tyre for New Zealand conditions.

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