• Wheeling Abroad Namibia: Preparation

    Wheeling Abroad Namibia: Preparation

    So, now that the initial shock/realisation has settled in, the task of thinking about the trip begins.   A bit of research is needed into where we are actually going? That is Namibia, Africa.   It’s a different part of the world with different...

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  • Wheeling Abroad: Namibia

    Wheeling Abroad: Namibia

    It's interesting how things sometime work out... There I was, on the 28th December sitting at my desk when the phone rang. Want to go to Africa?

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  • Kitting up the new Cooper Rig

    Kitting up the new Cooper Rig

      Well our 2010 petrol 150 series Prado had seen a fair whack of our beautiful country and it was time to put it out to pasture. After 175,000 kms of hard work and travel from coast to coast, it was getting a little tired.   What to buy next? We...

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  • Top 5 Apps that any adventurer should have

    Top 5 Apps that any adventurer should have

      There is little doubt these days that travelling has been made a lot easier through the use of modern technology, and no longer do you need to travel with a bundle of books and paper maps to get out and enjoy what Australia has to offer. But...

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  • Craig & Noreen Browne - Around the World on Cooper

    Craig & Noreen Browne - Around the World on Cooper

    Ever wondered how far 80,000km can take you?

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    When setting up a 4WD, you pretty well have the choice of going anywhere from mild to wild as far as what you do to it. But as today’s 4WDs are pretty well ready off the showroom floor to tackle beach runs, National Park tracks and dirt roads in...

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  • Kakadu with Kids

    Kakadu with Kids

    With life getting in the way of our plans to get out bush again, it had been a couple of months since our last sojourn into the wilderness. The approach of a long weekend in the Northern Territory saw us seize the opportunity and again indulge in...

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