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"It is the best run out of tyres that we have ever had"

We purchased the Cooper tyres on our Triton in 2010. It is the best run out of tyres that we have ever had.

My partner Michele and I bought the vehicle in January 2008 with Bridgestone tyres already fitted. The first of many punctures occurred at just only three months. Five punctures in total, over a 60,000km period. One puncture resulted in the tyre being destroyed. I am not joking when I say that I had to carry two spares.

We both had no faith whatsoever in the Bridgestone tyres fitted to the Triton. It was disgusting and a real pain in the rear end having to carry an additional spare wheel. This also prompted me to purchase two different styles of puncture repair kits, an electric and hand tyre pump.

I have included a photo of the best Bridgestone tyre after 60,000kms. Compare this photo to the Coopers that are still on the Triton after 137,000kms of use!!!

The Bridgestone tyre has been set up as the spare wheel and has not been used once since 2010.

As you can see on the photos provided, all wheels have been checked and rotated on a frequent basis. The wear across all the tyres is very even.

We decided to purchase Coopers after recommendations by Murphys Tyre dealer in Nowra. As the extent of my four wheel driving is about 40% off-road, the suggestion to use the Cooper A/T3 was what we went with.

A trailer is regularly towed with bikes, firewood and camping gear.
I made contact with Wills Tyre Service here at Oberon, who without any prompting or information from me, suggested the A/T3s is what I needed. Nick has advised us that we should get probably another 2-3 months of use on the existing rubber. We are hoping to hit 200,000kms.

It is unfortunate that we had such a bad run with the Bridgestone rubber. Both Michele and myself have no hesitation in letting people know the truth about the inferior quality of these tyres. Certainly not a tyre to use off-road or let alone, depend on.

I have just started employment here at Oberon, and there are four other Tritons here at work. All vehicles are fitted with Coopers.

Michele and myself wish to thank Coopers for providing such a good product at a good price. Well done to all.

Russell and Michele

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