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ShaunBefore you head out on any journey, it is always important that you check the parts of your 4WD that should be the only things touching the ground – your tyres. That’s if you are doing it properly….

Taking 10 minutes before you set off to check a couple of key parts of your tyres could be the difference between getting home safely or having to change tyres out on the side of the road or even worse offroad on an uneven track.

Here is our 10 minute pre trip tyre checklist

  1. Air pressure – Make sure all of your tyres (and your spare!) are set to the correct air pressure. Having your pressure set correctly before you start will ensure a comfortable ride on the road, plus it will give you an even starting point for when you are dropping your tyre pressures when you hit the tracks.

  2. Tread depth – if you are planning an offroad adventure you should never do it with nearly worn out tyres.  Newer tyres’ rubber is of a better quality and not starting to dry out, plus the deeper treads on new tyres will provide more traction offroad where you need it, but more importantly it will give more puncture protection on those tracks.

  3. Tyre wear – Run your hand over your tyres. Do they feel smooth and even? Or more like a saw blade or lumpy? When your tyres are nice and even you can feel confident that your wheel alignment is within spec and you are going to have nice even driving ahead of you. If there is uneven wear, it can mean a number of things. As little as your wheel alignment being out through to your suspension being worn out or not working properly. If this is the case you should take you 4WD to your tyre shop or suspension specialist before you leave.

  4. Rocks – by removing small rocks that may be stuck in your tread blocks – you are preventing a puncture down the track. Rocks that are stuck in your tread will wear down with your tyres and start to drill into the tyres steel belts and then into the case. This will cause a puncture and if the rock is of a reasonable size may cause the puncture to be non-repairable – then you are up for a whole new tyre not just the small price to fix a puncture.

  5. Cuts and chips on the tread – by looking at the current state of your tyres you can see if there is any pre-existing damage to them. This will give you an indication of your last trip offroad. If there are some chips out of the tread or in extreme cases chunks of tread missing altogether, you may have been running too high pressures or going too fast along the track. By slowing down or running a lower pressure this will prevent that from happening.

If you would like to get more information on the next set of tyres for your 4WD please call one of the experienced team on 1300 COOPER to get some more info.

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