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Tim Bates Tests the STT in Victoria's High Country

Heading To Lovicks Hut


If you enjoy watching 4WD shows, chances are you will be familiar with Tim Bates. Tim has appeared on 4WD Action's DVDs and most recently on Postcards From The Bush, which showcases iconic Australian locations and 4WD touring routes. Tim has travelled the most beautiful (and the most challenging!) parts of Victoria for filming and has truly tested and proven his Cooper tyres.


Here's what Tim had to say about how his Cooper STTs performed in the high country:


I have had my current set of 6 Cooper STT 285x75x16 tyres fitted on my 2009 GU Patrol for just on 3 years. In that time they have covered just over 50000ks with still around 10mm of tread remaining.

They have preformed exceptional well in all 4wd track surfaces from mud, rock, clay and some of the steepest tracks the Victorian High Country has to offer.
They have operated under a varied range of air pressures from 40psi on the black top to as low as 12psi on the slipperiest of off road clay tracks to gain maximum traction.


My preferred air pressure range for rock, shale and steep unforgiving High Country tracks is 20psi in the rear due to the weight in my draws, and 18psi in the front.  Under those pressures the side walls on the STT's bag out nicely to allow the chunky tread and side biting walls to preform at there best.


In the 3 years the STT's have been fitted, they have never been into a tyre shop for a puncture repair of any kind. They have never had a side wall torn, which I think is pretty impressive due to the punishment I have put them through, and I put that down to the design of Coopers unique technology in the 3rd ply Armor Tek construction that's gone into the side walls of these tyres.

I have popped the odd bead due to some of the extreme low pressures I have had to run, but that's just part and parcel with running low pressures sometimes, and not a fault of the tyre.


Running correct tyre pressures on the road is very important for the long term survival of any tyre, but even more so with a full mud tyre. But what's just as important is having your tyres rotated. I have done this every 10000ks and I have rotated all 6 tyres in the rotation.


After my experience with the Cooper STT full mud tyres, I would and will fit these same tyres to my GU Patrol.


I stand by my review on these tyres all the way to the bank.


By doing and saying that, I would recommend them to any 4wder looking for a good performing mud tyre for there 4wd.



Tim Bates


Tim has also tried out the Cooper  S/TMAXX. Read his review


Inspired to head out to high country like Tim and his mates? Contact us for advice on mud tyres or call us on 1300 COOPER.

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Tim Bates - Postcards From The Bush Presenter and STT Advocate

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