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Are you struggling with a unique tyre size?

You might not realize it, but your vehicle might require a fitment that is a little bit hard to find. Cooper Tires carries some special sizes that you may require depending on the make and model you drive; check the list below and see if your 4WD comes with a unique tyre size.


Save yourself stress and hassle. Don’t wait until you need to replace your tyres to check this!

Vehicle Original Tyre Cooper Replacement Your Tread Pattern Choices
Size Load Index OD mm Size Max OD mm Max OD Var
 Ford Ranger P265/65R17  112  776 P265/65R17  776  0  CTS
LT265/65R17 776 0 A/T3, S/TMAXX
Jeep Grand Cherokee  P265/60R18 110  778  P265/60R18 778   0  A/T3
Land Rover Discovery Series 4  P255/55R19 107  763  P255/55R19  763  0  LTZ
Mazda BT-50  P265/65R17 112  776  P265/65R17   776  0  CTS
LT265/65R17  776 0 A/T3, S/TMAXX
Nissan Patrol Y62  P265/70R18 116  829  LT285/65R18  833  +4  A/T3, S/TMAXX
Toyota Hilux SR5  P265/65R17 112  776  P265/65R17  776  0  CTS
LT265/65R17 776 0 A/T3, S/TMAXX
Toyota Prado  P265/65R17 112  776  P265/65R17  776  0  CTS
LT265/65R17 776 0 A/T3, S/TMAXX
Toyota LandCruiser 200 Series  P285/60R18 116  799  P285/60R18  799  0  H/T PLUS, LTZ
Volkswagen Amarok  P255/55R19 111  763  P255/55R19   763  0  LTZ


P = Passenger construction carcass
LT = Light truck construction carcass


Call our tyre experts on 1300 COOPER or contact us if you need assistance finding tyres that are a perfect fit for not just your vehicle, but also your lifestyle.


Variances in overall diameter (OD) to original fitment tyres are shown by +/-. Before fitting tyres that are over or under size we recommend you research your current state regulations with the appropriate authorities. The listed original and alternative fitments were correct in March 2014 and sourced from the current Njoy Universal Fitment Guide, the current Tyre & Rim Association of Australia Standards Manual and the current Cooper Tire & Rubber International Product manual. The purchaser assumes full responsibility for fitting tyres different from the legal permissible sizes within the purchaser’s state of registration. As these laws are regularly reviewed, we suggest obtaining up to date regulations from the relevant authority before purchase.

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