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Tyre Testing with 4WD Action and Cooper Tires

Tyre Test

Cooper Tires was proud to play host to Australian 4WD Action magazine, who came to us to do some expert tyre puncture testing. The experiment was for an article on how to make your rubber better survive in off-road conditions. Our Technical Manager, Jeff Newick, was there to assist and advise.

The Tyres

We provided three different tyres for the test: an original equipment (OE) tyre commonly found on many top selling 4WD’s on todays market, our best selling all-terrain A/T3 (70/30) and the more aggressive all-terrain Cooper Discoverer S/TMAXX (50/50) with the tested and proven Armor-Tek3 carcass construction. 



The Test

Since the focus of the article was going to be on increasing punctureTyre Test 3
resistance while off-road, the test was based on the most common cause of tyre punctures: a sharp object penetrating the rubber, this is usually a rock or tree root. We used a metal spike to simulate an object and drove over it using each tyre at varying air pressures: 38psi, 28psi, 20psi and 14psi. We recorded the number of passes each tyre took at each pressure to puncture, this information would show us how the puncture resistance is increased as the pressure is reduced and also which tyre is the most puncture resistant.


The Results

Unsurprisingly, the OE tyre did not impress – built for highway driving and lighter off-road duties than the other two tyres, it didn’t have as much rubber protecting the carcass plus it had a lighter internal construction which punctured relatively easily. The A/T3 was an improvement thanks to its stronger ‘light truck’ construction and extra rubber, but the true star was the S/TMAXX, which managed a remarkable 24 rolls over the spike at 14psi before finally being penetrated.


You can see each tyre’s results in the full article. (Australian 4WD Action, No. 217).


The Conclusion 

Choosing the right tyres for the location and terrain you put your Tyre Test 4vehicle through is the real key to avoiding punctures. An all-terrain tyre like the A/T3 is sufficient for many tracks and travels around Australia because of its class leading tread compound and tough light truck construction. The S/TMAXX is a tyre suited to the harsher conditions found around Australia and with its tested and proven Armor-Tek3 carcass construction plus aggressive all -terrain tread design it will tackle any situation.


Always remember though that once you get back on the black top to increase your tyre pressures back to road pressures to avoid any overheating or related heat damage.


If you need help selecting the right tyre for your lifestyle or advice on air pressures, call 1300 COOPER to talk to one of our tyre experts.


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