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Why choose Cooper SUV/Car tyres?

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Cooper Tires blends the latest in advanced technology and innovative engineering to achieve the ultimate on-road performance. A few key features are:


Stabiledge stabiledge technOLOGY 

Stabiledge™ Technology keeps the tread open under the pressure of driving for maximum traction

This gives you excellent stability, better handling and a more 'on-centre' feel. 
3D Micro Gauge Sipes 3D micro gauge™ siping 

Specially designed 3D Micro Gauge™ Sipes allow the tread blocks to interlock for maximum stability

This gives you increased traction, handling and safety, even at half worn.
Wear Square wear square™ visual indicators 

Indicators change as your tyres wear, making it easy to determine the tread life remaining. 

This gives you convenience, confidence and safety you can see.


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R Tech R-tech engineering  R-Tech Engineering gives you improved handling an a smoother ride. R-Tech Engineering can be broken down into two main features:
Why Choose10 Extended bead filler reinforces the area of the tyre that can weaken over time with constant stopping and turning in everyday driving, leading to reduced performance and handling. The extended bead filler improves lane changing ability, cornering and overall steering response. 
Why Choose11 Variable density nylon* overlays the steel belts to offset any stiffness created by the extended bead filler, meaning you get a safer, softer and smoother drive.

*Configuration may vary depending on size.
High Tensile Construction high tensile construction  High tensile construction gives you maximum strength and more protection with a higher load capacity.

High Tensile Cords give you 33% more strength than standard tensile cords.

Super Tensile Steel Belts give you 15% more strength than high tensile steel belts. 


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Advanced Silica Compounds ADVANCED SILICA COMPOUNDS  Advanced silica compounds give you excellent wet traction and highway handling whilst lowering rolling resistance for more grip and fuel efficiency than other traditional tyres. 

Cooper Tires tread compound is uniquely-formulated with up to 4 times more silica than other premium leading brands. 
High Treadwear Ratings high treadwear ratings  Higher Treadwear Ratings give you up to 2.8 times the mileage compared to other leading brands. 
High Traction Ratings HIGH traction raTINGS  Higher Traction Ratings give you safer grip, especially in the wet and shorter stopping distances. 


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Cooper Tires are still made to last. 


That's why Cooper tyres are guaranteed to last for up to 80,000kms. 


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Cooper's Mileage Warranty is available nationally.


The Mileage Warranty varies from 50,000 to 100,000 kms, based on tyre size and tread pattern, and subject to your local conditions.