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Why choose Cooper 4WD tyres?

Why Choose 2 

Cooper Tires blends the latest in advanced technology and innovative engineering to achieve the ultimate off-road performance. A few key features are:


Flex Groove Technology Flex Groove TECHNOLOGY 

Flex groove allows the tyre to flex - dampening the impact generated by inconsistent terrain. 

This gives you greater flexibility and a smoother ride. 
3D Micro Gauge Sipes 3D micro gauge™ siping

Specially designed 3D Micro Gauge™ Sipes allow the tread blocks to interlock for maximum stability

This gives you increased traction, handling and safety, even at half worn.
Micro Gauge Sipes MICRO GAUGE™ SIPING 

Only made possible with a high silica content, micro gauge sipes enhance traction in wet and soft surfaces. 

This gives you enhanced stability and mileage.
Mud Dimples And Scoops Mud dimples and scoops 

Mud dimples and scoops create air pockets that prevent mud from sticking between the tread blocks. 

This gives you exceptional mud, dirt and rock traction.

Stone repelling technology built into the tread to resist damage by discharging stones to avoid drilling.

This gives you extra resistance to cut and chip. 





Why Choose 22


Armor Tek Armor-tek3 construction  Armor-Tek3 gives you 50% MORE protection* against impact damage and 2.5 times MORE tear resistance.

Unique Armor-Tek3 technology features an additional third ply at an 8 degree angle (angle ply technology) which maximises carcass protection and lowers sidewall damage, giving you more stability, safety adn better handling. 

*Compared to standard 2-ply tyres
High Tensile Construction high tensile CONSTRUCTION  High tensile construction gives you maximum strength and more protection with a higher load capacity. 

High Tensile Cords give you 33% more strength than standard tensile cords. 

Super Tensile Steel Belts give you 15% more strength than high tensile steel belts. 



Why Choose 23  


Advanced Silica Compounds ADVANCED SILICA COMPOUNDS  Advanced silica compounds give you excellent wet traction and highway handling whilst lowering rolling resistance for more grip and fuel efficiency than other traditional tyres. 

Cooper Tires tread compound is uniquely-formulated with up to 4 times more silica than other premium leading brands. 
Deep Long Life Treads deep long life treadS  Cooper's deeper treads give you up to 30.3% more overall tread and 46.3% more tread in the shoulder area. 



Why Choose 24 


Cooper Tires are still made to last. 


That's why Cooper tyres are guaranteed to last for up to 80,000kms. 


Why Choose7


Cooper's Mileage Warranty is available nationally.

The Mileage Warranty varies from 50,000 to 100,000 kms, based on tyre size and tread pattern, and subject to your local conditions.