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Terry Smith
<br>Managing Director

Terry Smith
Managing Director

The question I'm most often asked is "Why don't tyres last like they used to?" Drivers are finding that, these days, tyres are needing replacing after just 40,000km or even sooner. Especially with petrol prices on the increase, drivers today are wanting more mileage - in a nutshell, more value for money.


So what is the secret? The biggest secret in the tyre business is depth of tread. Some tyre companies cut right back on tread to save costs. In a Cooper tyre there's more tread going around the tyre and across the tyre, up to 30.3% more than many original tyres that come with a new vehicle. As a company, Cooper has made the decision to continue to make tyres that last. That's why Cooper tyres are good value for money. And more drivers are realising that. You need more strength inside the tyre to support the extra tread on top. Cooper's stronger construction and tread depth give drivers safer grip, more resistance to punctures and more mileage.


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